About Us
New Song Fellowship was founded in May of 2002, by Rev. Debbie Cummins.
It all begin in her living room, however within a short period of time God blessed the church with a
building. It was small. but had  the charm of a cozy country church and was a great start for a
beginning church. With all the ups and downs and increases and decreases the church continued.
After four years, in April 2006, God moved the church with it's small, yet faithful group to a larger
building in a better location. Since that move, God has begun to steadily add to our Church family.
We received a prophecy that the church would double, then triple, then double again. We are
currently watching this prophecy become reality.

In the beginning the church offered only services on Sunday morning. Now, since the move,  a
Sunday night service has been added. We are currently  adding some additional services including
a support group in conjunction with our counseling services.  There have been many people
baptized in Jesus Name, and several have received the Holy Spirit. Many more people have
received healings and blessings in their lives.  God truly is awesome and we are blessed to be able
to witness His greatness as He ministers to His people.
The Lord has given our Pastor a vision for this ministry that will enlighten, encourage and support
those that commit themselves first to Jesus and secondly to seeking His will for our lives.

We are blessed to be an affiliate church of  Reconciling Pentecostals International.