In Loving Memory
It is very difficult to let go of our friends and family when they leave this world and step into eternity. Yet, the
Bible tells us that as Christians, we should not grief as the world people who have no hope. It
also tells us that the death of a Christian is precious in the sight of God. As a pastor, there is a shout that
arises in me when I realize that one of our own has "MADE IT."  No longer do they have to struggle with the
things of this world. In being absent from this world they have entered the presence of their Lord and
Saviour, Jesus Christ...the one they have longed for and lived for all of their Christian life.

Because we are Christians, we have the hope and the knowledge that we will see our Christian friends and
family once again. The Bible tells us that when we arrive in eternity we will know people as they are known
here. It is encouraging to know that we will see them again and know them as we do here. Hebrews speaks of
those who have died in Christ when it says that we are "encamped round about by such a great crowd of
witnesses," and that because of this, we should "run with patience the race that is set before us." Their
success in living for God stands as a testimony and reminder to us that we, too, can make it.  We at New
Song Fellowship thank God that He allowed us to share in the lives of some who have gone on before us.
When we come to the end of our walk with God and Jesus calls us home we will see them again. It is as
though a little piece of New Song Fellowship has been planted somewhere in Heaven  and eternity  will be a
little sweeter because they are already there.   
Helen Pierce
1950 -  2005
Helen was the first church secretary and a founding
member of New Song Fellowship.  Her walk with God
started as a child and continued until God called her
home in March 2005. She received the baptism of the
Holy Ghost as a teenager and soon began working for
the Lord in church leadership. She served as a
Christian school principal, a great Bible teacher and a
public school teacher... among other things. Helen and
Pastor Debbie became close friends in the early 1980's
when they served as youth pastors and began to teach
home Bible studies together.  When the church started
in 2002, Helen helped to get the church established.
She was gifted in many areas and was always quick to
help any where there was a need. Helen's experience
in church work and her burden in prayer as an
intercessor helped to lay the foundation for the church.

It was quit a shock to all who knew Helen  when she
became ill and left this life within just a few weeks of
becoming sick. The precious gift of friendship and the
support that she provided this church and its pastor will
never be forgotten. She was truley a warrior of God.  
Helen, we will see you again. What a day that will be
when we see Him face to face! Meet us at the throne!
Betty Loflin

Betty went to be with our Lord in April 2007.  It seems
like only yesterday that we were blessed with her smile
and her larger than life presence. She was a precious
gift that God shared with us for just a little while. Little
did we know that we would only have her as part of our
church for less than a year before God called her
home. The time was too short and we would have
lengthened it if we could have, but God had His own

Betty was a major part of New Song Fellowship during
the brief time that she was there. Her hunger to
understand the things of God were an inspiration to
her pastors and all in our church. Her friendship was
unending and extremely valuable to all who came to
know her. Heaven truley is a little sweeter for we know
that she is waiting there for us hoping to share a cup of
coffee and some great conversation.
We miss you, Betty. We look forward to seeing you
again, this time without pain or sickness and without an
end to our time together.  You Are Missed!!!