"An Apostolic Ministry to ALL People"

We invite you to visit our church and experience the Agape Love of God like you have never felt before.     
 Our doors are open to all people regardless of social standing, ethnicity, sexual orientation,
    or any other difference that has caused you to feel separated from God or God's people.
It is our desire and vision to reach out to the hurting individuals that other churches have discarded.

                                        Try Us... You Just Might Be Amazed

You might be asking, "Why should I try another church?" I understand this because I asked myself the         
same question. The answer is simple...You Haven't Tried This Church.  You might be saying, "Why should  
I go to a church at all?" The answer  is... the Bible teaches us  to not "forsake the gathering of ourselves  
together."  If you want to feel the love of God... you go where there are people that know and understand     
God's love. If you are trying to change your life and better yourself... you go where there are people that
will believe in you and help you without judgement...New Song Fellowship is that kind of place.

Join us...You Just Might Like Being in God's Presence and  You Will Definitely Feel Loved.
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